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3 Gallon Stainless Steel Vacuum Chamber with 3 CFM Vacuum Pump

3 Gallon Stainless Steel Vacuum Chamber with 3 CFM Vacuum Pump

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  • 【High Efficiency】3CFM 1/4HP Single Stage Vacuum Pump, Direct Drive Motor is easy to start. The tempered glass stainless steel container is in high strength, very durable and can withstand up to 160ºF. The tempered glass lid is durable and sturdy, which is specially designed for stabilizing wood and experiments with volatile compounds, and can provide a good visibility for work, it is bulletproof.
  • 【Low Noise and Easy Monitoring】The vacuum pump is equipped with 1 silencer to reduce motor vibration and equipment noise, so it can run quieter. and it comes with an oil viewing window so that you can easily monitor the oil level and quality, prevention of oil deficiency.
  • 【Long Service Life】The intelligent radiator protects itself and prevents it from burning out when something is stuck. Built-in thermal protection can avoid burning the machine. Anti-skid rubber shock absorption and seismic resistance can extend the machine life.
  • 【Quality Accessories】Durable brass fittings fit all vacuum pump ports. 50 micron air filter reduces air flow back into the chamber for purging and prevents dust and debris from entering the chamber. 4.75" x 4.75" non-stick silicone gasket allows you to easily remove mixtures. Max vacuum rates to 29.9in Hg at sea level.
  • 【Wide Application】Vacuum degassing chamber kit with tempered glass lid, perfect for resin, wood stabilizing, no oil included. Our vacuum chamber kit can be perfectly equipped with single or dual stage 3 to 9 CFM pumps. Suitable for household air conditioning, automobile maintenance, vacuum packaging, refrigerator vacuum, industry, perfect for stabilizing wood and experiments with volatile compounds, etc. 


Due to the shipment restriction and safety, all the new batches of vacuum pumps are shipped without oil, you need to prepare for vacuum pump oil by yourself. Please understand.


Product Features:

1. Upgraded Design for Stabilizing Wood & Experiments with Volitile Compounds

2. High Efficiency & Noise Reduction Upgrade

3. Easy Monitoring & Intelligent Radiator

4. Internal High Volume Cooling Fan for Extended Use

5. Shock-Proof & Wear-Resistant Base

6. ON/OFF Switch

7. Long Service Life



1. Do not pump inflammable, explosive and poisonous gases

2. Do not pump gases which can corrode metals and can exert chemical changes with the pump oil

3. Do not pump gases containing pellet dust and gases with plenty of steam

4. The temperature of the pumped gas should not be over 80°C and the environment temperature should not be lower than 5°C-6°C

5. Do not use it as a compression or a convey pump

6. Do not use or operate without oil


Vacuum Pump Specification:

Dimensions (mm): 340*175*290

Weight(KG): 5.35KG

Material: Alloy Aluminum Shell + Copper + Stainless Steel

Pumping Rate: 3 CFM

Rotating Speed: 1720 RPM

Power (HP): 1/4

Oil Capacity(ml): 220mL

Ultimate Vacuum: 5PA/0.05Mbar

Max Operation Temperature: 160ºF

*Vacuum Chamber Specification:

Volume: 3 Gallon

Thickness of the Lid: 3/5"


Package Includes:

1 x 3 Gallon Vacuum Chamber 

1 x 3 CFM Single Stage Vacuum Pump

1 x 3/5" Tempered Glass Lid

1 x Non-stick Silicone Gasket

1 x Glycerin Filled Gauge with Brass Fittings

1 x Accessories Kit

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