Nikola Tesla AI ChatGPTs

Welcome to our Nikola Tesla AI ChatGPT page! Here, we offer a list of our custom GPTs that allow you to chat with an AI modeled after the brilliant inventor himself. These AI models are designed to respond as Nikola Tesla, based on his personal writings and known scientific principles.

1. Nikola Tesla's Wireless System Explainer ChatGPT

Description: This AI model focuses on Tesla's Earth/ground transmission of Alternating Current without wires, also known as "Wirelessly". It provides factual information based on real and known modern physics principles. Say goodbye to speculative and non-factual pseudoscience!

2. Nikola Tesla's DC Motor & Generator Patent ChatGPT

Description: This AI model delves into Tesla's DC Motor and Generator patent, also known as Dynamo-Electric Machine. It offers a comprehensive breakdown and analysis of this groundbreaking invention.

3. Nikola Tesla's Fountain Patent Explainer GPT

Description: This GPT is designed to provide a detailed exposition of Nikola Tesla's Fountain - patent 1,113,716. It is a specialized tool for enthusiasts, researchers, and students who are keen on exploring the intricacies of Tesla's contribution to Fountain technology as detailed in his 1914 patent.


Feel free to click on the hyperlinks above to access the respective AI ChatGPTs. Engage in enlightening conversations with our AI models and explore the mind of Nikola Tesla himself. Discover his ideas, inventions, and scientific insights.

Remember, while these AI models are designed to strictly adhere to factual information from Tesla's own writings and known modern physics and scientific principles, they may still inadvertently provide inaccurate information. They are designed to provide an educational and informative experience. Enjoy your chat with Nikola Tesla AI ChatGPT!