Operational Guidelines

Our Tesla Turbine prototype is a piece of innovative machinery built for educational purposes and experimental endeavors in renewable energy. This section will guide you through the optimal way to use this prototype safely and effectively. We urge all users to follow these guidelines strictly to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the Tesla Turbine prototype.


Safe Operation Procedures:

Secure Setup: Ensure that the turbine is securely fastened to a stable surface before initiating any operation. This is to prevent any accidental movement or tipping over that may occur due to the turbine's motion or any external forces.

Power Input: The turbine comes with a dual 1/2in NPT nozzle inlet for your choice of compressed air, water, or low-temperature vacuum steam. Never exceed 40psi at the nozzle as this may cause overpressure and potential damage or harm.

Safe Temperatures: Be careful not to exceed the maximum operational temperature of 85°C during operation. Excessive heat may cause damage to the polycarbonate casing and other components of the turbine.

Safe Speeds: The safe maximum RPM (Revolutions Per Minute) for the Tesla Turbine with the 3015 h13 aluminum discs is 30,000 RPM. Do not operate the turbine beyond this speed limit as it may lead to mechanical damage and compromise safety.

Safety Equipment: We strongly recommend using personal protective equipment such as safety goggles, gloves, and a sturdy enclosure or blast shield during the operation of the turbine. This is to protect the operator from any possible harm due to accidental dislodging or disintegration of parts under extreme operating conditions.


Cooling Considerations:

Bearings Cooling: If you plan on continuous operation of the turbine, you need to cool the bearings. There are ports provided for cooling water, but the water pump and cooling system are not included and must be purchased separately.

Safety Measures for Diverse Environments:

Safe Locations: Do not operate the turbine in an enclosed space or near animals, individuals, or valuable property where harm or damage could occur. Always ensure that the operation takes place in a safe, open, and secure location where any potential mishap can be contained.

Safe Storage: Always store the turbine in a dry, clean environment away from direct sunlight or high-temperature areas. The turbine should be stored securely out of reach of children or individuals unfamiliar with its operation.

Operational Maintenance and Troubleshooting:

Regular Checks: Ensure regular checks of the torque specification on all bolts and screws for safety. Inspect the turbine regularly for any signs of wear and tear or damage.

Cleaning: Keep the turbine clean and dust-free to ensure smooth operation. When cleaning or inspecting the turbine, avoid direct contact with sharp edges or hot surfaces.

Maintenance Guide: Always follow the provided maintenance guide and step-by-step maintenance videos on our TesTur Energy YouTube channel for any repair, replacement, or routine maintenance tasks.


By following these guidelines and taking the necessary precautions, you can ensure a safe and effective operational experience with our Tesla Turbine prototype. Remember, TesTur Energy assumes no liability for any damage or injury caused by misuse of this product. Your safety is our utmost concern, and we appreciate your cooperation in adhering to these guidelines.

Please note that while this turbine is functional, it is not intended to be a "working turbine". It is not a fully operational turbine and should not be used as such. This turbine is designed as a prototype for educational and DIY testing purposes, and is not designed to power devices or systems in a continuous, commercial, or industrial capacity. Use this product responsibly and safely.