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115V Flexflo A100n Metering Feeder Pump

115V Flexflo A100n Metering Feeder Pump

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Product Features:

  • Essential Component: The Flexflo A100N Metering Feeder Pump is a crucial accessory for spa and pool systems, providing accurate and dependable functionality.
  • Precision in Function: Ensures precise chemical metering, essential for maintaining the proper balance of your pool or spa water.


  • Voltage Compatibility: Operates on a standard 115V power supply, making it compatible with most residential and commercial electrical systems.
  • Compact Size: Features a minimalistic design with a 0.25" outer diameter, allowing for efficient use of space and easy integration into your pool or spa system.

The Flexflo A100N Metering Feeder Pump is specifically designed to offer a seamless and efficient solution for your pool and spa maintenance needs. Its compact size ensures that it can be easily integrated into various systems without being obtrusive, while its precise metering capability ensures that your pool or spa water remains clean and well-balanced. Whether you're looking to upgrade your existing setup or install a new system, the Flexflo A100N is an excellent choice for maintaining optimal water conditions.

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