Detailed Product Description

The TesTur Energy Tesla Turbine Prototype: A Glimpse into the Future of Sustainable Energy

The TesTur Energy Tesla Turbine prototype is a meticulously crafted piece of technology that not only offers a hands-on educational tool for renewable energy enthusiasts but also represents a tangible artifact of the ongoing journey towards sustainable, renewable energy solutions.

Crafted as a 1:1 replica of our working prototype, the turbine offers a unique blend of practical, aesthetic, and educational value. It's a symbol of a cleaner energy future, as well as a testament to the innovative spirit driving TesTur Energy's mission.

Key Features and Components

The Turbine Unit:

At the heart of our prototype is a Tesla Turbine, made up of a single-stage disk stack encased in a robust, durable polycarbonate casing. This 6in x 6in casing features a 4.5in diameter, providing the turbine with a compact yet efficient design. The turbine discs are made from 3015 h13 aluminum, chosen for its impressive strength-to-weight ratio and resistance to wear and tear.


Stainless Steel Shaft:

The turbine's central shaft is a robust 1/2in stainless steel rod designed to withstand high rotational speeds and resist rust and corrosion, ensuring longevity and reliability.


Stainless Steel Bearings:

To facilitate smooth and efficient rotation of the turbine, we use high-quality metal shield bearings made from stainless steel. These bearings are not only highly durable and resistant to wear but also contribute to the overall efficiency of the turbine.


Dual 1/2in NPT Nozzle Inlet:

Our Tesla Turbine prototype is designed with versatility in mind, with a dual 1/2in NPT nozzle inlet that can be hooked up to a variety of sources: compressed air, water, or low-temperature vacuum steam. This feature opens up a range of potential experiments and educational opportunities.

Ports for Cooling Water:

The turbine includes ports designed for the attachment of a cooling water system. While the water pump and cooling system are not included with the purchase, these ports allow for easy setup if continuous use of the turbine is desired.


Performance Specifications

In our tests, the turbine has demonstrated an impressive output of around 1200 watts on the turbine dyno test with 30-40psi and already proven 250 watts electrical load with the upgraded generator package on just 15psi of compressed air. The turbine is rated for a maximum safe RPM of 30,000 with the aluminum disks, and a maximum operational temperature of 85°C. Please remember that these are test conditions, and the turbine is not designed to be run at these limits continuously.


The design of the turbine allows for future upgradability. While the prototype is a single-stage version, we are planning to offer a 2nd stage add-on package in the near future, which customers will be able to use to upgrade their turbines.


Important Note: Prototype Status

It's important to note that while these turbines are operational, they are not turnkey or fully operational turbines. These are copies of our prototype we are selling as educational tools and collectors' items. The turbines require careful handling and should not be run continuously or under high loads without appropriate safety measures and maintenance.

The TesTur Energy Tesla Turbine prototype is more than just a product; it's a conversation piece, a learning tool, and a tangible representation of the future of sustainable energy. By purchasing this turbine, you are not only getting a meticulously crafted piece of machinery but also contributing to ongoing research and development in the field of sustainable energy. It's an investment in the future, and a fascinating addition to any renewable energy enthusiast's collection.